Pretty incredible experience.
(Liz L.)

Matt really takes the time to get to know you so you get the most out of the session.

I have been truly blessed to find Matt at Inspired Flight. I initially went to him for weight loss hypnosis but have ended up going way past those issues and onto a road of a much better and more relaxed life. Matt has helped me make some remarkable progress in putting my life into order and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any friend or family member.
(Rachael L.)

Such an amazing experience! Would highly recommend to anyone!
(Jennifer O.)

I am blown away. I had the honor of meeting Matt today for my first session. I have issues with anxiety... I left happier and calm with an added bounce in my step...Session 3: I am excited at where this path continues... Matts calm nature about him and his personality can cause even the harshest skeptic to turn the tides and feel comfortable to bring down some walls. I find myself during sessions calm and laughing, and allowing my personality to just come through without fear of judgement. I will be reccomending Matt and his services to everyone!!
(Feskeli G.)

My relationships have never been better!  I've seen traditional therapists over the years to work on social anxiety and depression... In the past I used to hide in my car to avoid social interactions because I was so anxious--now I can approach strangers in the grocery store and carry on conversations with ease (even dancing in the aisles!).  Inspired Flight Hypnosis truly lives up to its name.  I feel free and confident to spread my wings and fly after working with Matt.
(Ashley B.)

I lost weight immediately! Matt Rosencraft is amazing! I lost 40 lbs after a single session with Matt. I could never do it by myself. I'd give in to my cravings. I was quite surprised to find that I simply didn't want the bad foods anymore. They have no power over me. I also started going to the gym almost daily where I could never find the will power to do it before. Matt did a thing and going to the gym became something that just happens. I'm a 50+ year old woman and this is the healthiest and happiest I've been.

I had the pleasure of visiting Matt's office after my husband and I were in a car accident. I was having severe bouts of PTSD, fear of driving past the accident location, and anxiety when driving with my husband.  Matt helped...me create different associations with the event. I have been grateful to return to my love of driving and to find gentleness in my heart when in the car with my husband. Matt would regularly check up on my progress.   I am grateful to have met such a great hypnotist who helped me get my life back.
(Quin B.)

Matt Rosencraft excels at what he does. I went to Matt to get rid of my caffeine dependency... I couldn't bring myself to let go. I was skeptical at first, and even after a short 10-15 minute session, I didn't really feel like anything had changed. However, ever since that session, I've passed on every opportunity to have coffee... I highly recommend seeing Matt and I look forward to utilizing his services in the future.
(Tom H.)

I have met with Matt several times. He has mostly used conversational hypnosis with me which has amazed me. We worked on love strategies and also altering the way I think and respond to situations. Even the speed in which I talk and process and how this can effect everything else I do. I trust him so much that I asked him to work with my children too for confidence and other related issues.

Matt Rosencraft of Inspired Flight is brilliant.  My boyfriend and I went to see him to work on our relationship... I learned so much about my partner and about myself it was amazing.  Matt picked up on subtle nuances that I had never noticed about either myself or my partner.  We are now happily moving forward in a healthy loving relationship... I highly recommend seeing him for any of your needs.  Health, relationships, self-esteem, communication, or to help you get past anything that might be blocking you from your full potential.  Thank you Matt!
(Mary H.)

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